Monday, October 27, 2014

Radio Interview WSRQ, Part 2 - Tips for making healthy lifestyle changes

Recently, I was interviewed about how to make healthy lifestyle changes on Health Check with Heidi Godman.

Check out the post from October, 19, 2014 for Part 1 of the interview, or jump right in by clicking here to listen to Part 2. 

Courtesy of Harvard School of Public Health's Nutrition Source:

Heidi: Welcome back to health check, I’m Heidi Godman. If you’re just tuning in my guest is Dr. Michelle Hauser who is an internist at Stanford University focusing on heart disease prevention and she also went to culinary school, so she has a great perspective on this we’ve been talking about the importance of a healthy diet on your health.

Listen to learn more about:

- Difference between a diet and a lifestyle change
- Tips on successfully making lifestyle changes
- Tips to make healthy changes when you don’t have a lot of money
- How much exercise should you be getting?
- What is the healthiest diet?
- Simple changes you make to make your diet healthier
- How much alcohol can you have and still be healthy?
- Will I be hungry all the time if I eat healthy?
- Tips to control portion sizes

- Tips to make snacks healthier

(Note: there is no transcript for this part, follow the link about to listen to the audio)


  1. Dr Michelle I get an error when I try to listen to part 2 of your interview. Just so you know.

  2. So sorry about that! I think it's fixed now. Please let me know if you have any more trouble.

  3. Works great now thanks Doc Michelle!


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